Guest: pain researcher Stuart Derbyshire. Call us at 833-RING-ELT. Which section do the other musicians love to hate? What happens when space travelers come home? Happy 420, dudes. Caller Juanita wants to know if her cats are southpaws. Now, with your help, we want to get one of those words into the dictionary. Learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of a psychopath. ELT tackles some animal, vegetable, mineral mysteries with special guest Amy Sedaris. After weeks of social distancing, call us and tell us the thing you’re missing most and why it’s important to you. Thanks to Gary Wells, Gil Zamora, and caller Lex. Guests: Captain Nick Anderson, retired Virgin-Atlantic airline pilot, Airline Pilot Guy Show; Microbiologist Jenny Hayden, Cedar Crest College; Jason Torchinsky, senior editor at Jalopnik. Plus, the fanciest goldfish money can buy, and the best pet in a vocal performance. Cheese: Why Do We Worship Rotten Milk? Every little thing she does Plus, an update on Jeremy’s reported fruit fly infestation. Where does it all go? Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). Plus, prunes. Plus, Would Dinosaurs Taste Like Chicken? How’d it become a way of life? ELT reveals the secrets of The DaLaundry Code. Who is Wilhelm and Why Won’t He Stop Screaming? Caller Sadera has a burning question: When there’s a wildfire, how do we figure out what caused it? Click below to purchase/stream Carly’s single, “Every Little Thing”, available now! Behind the Pompoms: Cheerleading’s Checkered Past (Part 2). We’re clearing out our inbox and answering some of your burning follow-up questions for our last episode of 2019. Limbo: The Haunting Backstory of Getting Low. Call and tell us the story about a home-cooked meal that you can’t forget. Guests: Kathryn Boor, Cornell University; Ian Shaw, University of Canterbury; Renée Goodrich-Schneider, University of Florida. Invisible actors create worlds of sound in everything you watch - from Jaws to The Wire. ELT gets the surprising scoop on how beaches are born. Does that person sitting next to you on the plane REALLY work in IT? ELT talks to the professional cheerleader who first got fans out of their seats. Yes, I know that she loves me now . We've updated our Terms of Service. Baseball and Organ Music: How’d That Happen? Plus, Bigfoot gets his due. For most of human history, tooth care has been pretty bare bones. People tell me I'm lucky Then, a question from the Help Line about aircraft patrol. Thanks to calle... Fruit Flies: Seriously, Where Do They Come From? Flora is away this week at a flamingo fanciers convention, so we’re revisiting one of our favorite shows — a two-part, deep dive into cheerleading. And how did it become a favorite inside joke for so many filmmakers? How did one style of cheerleading come to dominate in so many American schools? Why do some songs get stuck in our heads? She does for me, yeah Plus, a look at lottery history, and your strangest raffle winnings. Plus, we meet the man who defied all odds to bring us the bag that cinches. Guests: Cognitive scientist Ben Bergen, author of What the F***; Gwen Whittle, supervising sound editor at Skywalker Sound. Plus, ELT goes deep into the Mesozoic to find out what dinosaurs looked (and tasted) like. Plus, the 411 on another underground underdog: prairie dogs. Why One Horrible Sound Haunts Reality TV. Buried Treasure: How to Make the Most of Your Booty. Guest: animal behaviorist and pro squirrel watcher Mikel Maria Delgado exposes the secrets of squirrel pantry maintenance. Caller Lisa wants to know why her butt hurts whenever she sees someone else get injured. ELT finds out where Jeremy’s freeloading flatmates came from. She does for me, yeah How rules can keep us from descending into chaos. Flora is away this week, so we’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes — about a summer visitor no one wants. Every little thing Special thanks to Nathan Cole and danke schön to caller Laszlo. ELT explores the secret world of the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, the group that decides what gets stuck on America’s envelopes. Caller Jeremy has a problem: fruit flies have moved into his apartment, and he needs to know how they got there. Can they read each other’s minds? And is there a way to unstick them? A grave expert fills us in on what remains. Guest: Pot lady Julie Dunne. Guests: Flamingo expert Felicity Arengo and anesthetist Kate Leslie. Images of little green aliens are everywhere: Area 51, bongs, your ‘90s chain wallet. If you found millions of dollars worth of buried treasure, what would you do next? Have you ever given your dog a belly rub and wondered … where’s the b-button? After their dad served 4-year-old fish for dinner one night, listener Max wants to know how long you can safely keep food in the freezer. Tips for being the #1 guest in the history of the universe. ELT explores the secret world of the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, the group that decides what gets stuck on America’s envelopes. Plus, an investigation into the multi-layered origin story of the Bloomin' Onion. Plus, meet Nancy Faust — the legendary organist who brought trolling to modern baseball music. Thanks to callers Kate and Michael. Plus, practical tips for dealing with new-found millions, and a nationwide treasure hunt, ELT-style. ELT goes underground to meet the creatures living in our subways and sewer systems. Plus, dog clothes: where did they come from? ELT investigates. Thanks to listener Miles. Plus, a Mammal Mix-Up Made Right. Every little thing, The Beatles Lyrics provided by A trio of food safety experts weighs in. Who decides what a cheerleader looks like? How do they keep tabs on that stash? Does swearing make you more powerful? Guest: former Merriam-Webster Dictionary editor Kory Stampe... Did cavemen really carry clubs? 1. Who Invented the Bloomin’ Onion? T. Rex Roar: How Is It Made? Plus, the horrifying hunting habits of weasels. Blood flow researcher Ole Hensel has answers. Thanks to caller Paul. ELT investigates. Learning to love a viral piece of furniture. ELT Help Line #: (347) 464-9626. TSA Treasure Chest: What Happens To Your Confiscated Stuff? Watch our social media pages for open hours and locations! What do the numbers on pasta boxes mean? Every little thing she does How did goldfish come to dominate our fish bowls and pet stores? Plus, cicada killer wasps — a backyard horror story, turned intervention. Where did the limbo first get off the ground? Plus, we revisit the eclipse. Is your roommate trying to kill you? She does for me, oooh Plus, can tiny eyes see things we can’t? Mother Teresa — ‘Not all of us can do great things. And one of the first scientists to hoist herself into the treetops describes life in the canopy. Why don’t we gobble turkey eggs like we do chicken eggs? Guest: Nancy Segal, psychology professor at California State University, Fullerton, and author of Twin Mythconceptions. Do You Need to Warm Up Your Car? Raccoon expert Suzanne MacDonald tells us what’s really going on with that signature raccoon rinse. This weekend, SpaceX and NASA successfully launched the first crewed spacecraft from U.S. soil in almost a decade.

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